This is not a roommate sharing rental

We don't rent out rooms and we will not do the roommate thing, several buddies, several gals, several everyone sharing a "place type" of set up.

There is no consistency with this type of arrangement, turnover is a nightmare, departures are many and quick, very quick, even with a promise it will never happen.

One person is always on the borderline of moving because there is no commitment between each other, each individual has their own goals and direction in life, regardless of who their roommate, roommates are.

If they move it becomes a move in move out, move in move out. It's nothing but a modern day version of a motel. This is not a roommate sharing property. There are too many financial problems with this type of tenancy, tenancy for years.

We don't allow assignment or subletting. Can not sell contracts during stay.

The financial problems assocated with this type of arrangement are devastating, and behavioral issues are more then just many